Riding with Joy Everywhere!

The world’s smartest electric skates for more convenient and intelligent low carbon life. 


  • An Innovative e-skates for Urban Commuting
    Say goodbye to traffic, delays, and uncertainty
  • First motorized skates ever, carry no remote handset at all
  • First of its kind sensor fusion technology
  • The very unique “Foot gesture”
    Simply tapping your feet, you could perform speed control and switch modes
  • APP customization settings
    Just few clicks away, you are creating your own unique control
  • Cool and fun!


  • Dimensions: L 480 x W 135 x H 280 mm
  • Wheel size: Front/Rear 3.5 inch
  • Single net weight: 3 kg
  • Suit shoe size: 27-33 cm
  • Max payload: 100 kg
  • Max range: 20 km
  • Max speed: 20 kph
  • Max slope: 8 degrees
  • Rated Power: 150W X 2
  • Lithium Ion battery: 24V 3.5Ah (90Wh) X 2
  • Charger: 29.4V 2A
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP54
  • Brake System: Electric Braking