Smart Follow and Go

  • 2020-02-13

Collaborative and Autonomous Tkart to make picking automation easy !

How it works?

1.  Picker assign picking station manually or by Central Control System automatically. Tkart will navigate and go to the designated station autonomously.
2.  When Tkart arrives, picker could switch Tkart to “Follow” mode. Tkart starts to follow at picker’s pace. It follows faster when picker walks faster, slower when picker slows down, and stops when picker stops.
3.  After picking, picker just click one button to send Tkart back to the drop off location.
4.  Send another Tkart to designated station when picker has to.


- Hands free operation for pickers
- Reduce physical workload
- Improve overall efficiency and speed
- Cost advantage with rapid ROI
- Fast deployment and easy use
- Fleet Management
- Obstacle Avoidance along its way


- Inventory picking
- Intra-facility logistics
- Inter-process transportation for factory