U-Kart and CaddyTrek on US WISH TV

  • 2016-04-09

One day you may not have to push a cart around in the grocery store. Instead, the cart will follow you around.

A company called Passion Mobility has come up with the U-Kart, a self-driven supermarket buggy. The company says the U-Kart does more than just follow. It can also go ahead of its user at a fixed distance, no matter where the user wants to go. The user can also direct it to go to a precise spot, simply by using a remote control or smart phone. The company says it uses sensors that transmit with radio frequency and ultrasound. The sensors detect changes in distance and direction, and transmit those to the battery, which sends it to the motor. The company is showing the U-Kart at a technology show in Taiwan this week.

Passion Mobility has already made its name at various golf courses in the US with its CaddyTrek. That's an electric vehicle that carries golf clubs.